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Y.F.S.U. is having our first annual Pre- Thanksgiving food drive! We will be giving around 300 City of Detroit families around 60 pounds of food a piece. Due to the previous changes in the State Michigan family assistants programs and record high unemployment rates that has plagued the City of Detroit. We feel obligated to help our seniors & families in need! A community is just like a union, it’s only as strong as its members! First step, become a member of our website,complete our Pre-Registration form and be a resident of the City of Detroit with proper I.D. in order to recieve FREE food. Please join our website for additional info. and the TIME, DATE, LOCATION of this event. We will only register 75 families from our website and only one person per housewhole can apply. You can also register in person Tues. Oct.11, 2011 @ Hoots on the Ave-1460 Michigan Ave from 6pm to 2am. For more details check our events section. Please share this info. with someone in need! GOD BLESS! For more info. call Mr.Q Fish @ 313 731-2685


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Board Members

  • Quanna Fish, Founder & President

  • Michael Morrell, Vice President

  • Reggie Knighton, Treasury

  • Kristina Walker, A.B.A, Secretary

  • John Smith Jr., Board Member- Education Coodinator

  • Atty. Jenny Allegeyer, Board Member

  • Terrance Harris, B.A., Board Member/ Education Coodinator

Our Goals

  • To Reduce the number of absentee fathers.

  • Teach and enhance parenting skills.

  • Re-establish traditional family values.

  • Establish a "Network of Fatherhood".

  • Increase knowledge of father's parental rights.

  • Decrease the amount of H.I.V cases among the youth, through education and awareness.

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