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Quan Fish

Founding President/CEO

Quan Fish is a Detroit Native and loving husband and father of two beauty children, 21 and 11 years old. Quan was raised in a father-absent home, on the westside of Detroit, where he attended Mackenzie High. The pressure of peers, poverty and instability, lead Quan down the wrong path. Quan eventually drop out of high school and got involved into selling drugs. It was only by the mercy and grace of God that Mr. Fish beat the odds, avoiding the slippery slope of the Criminal Justice System.

Mr. Fish’s inspiration and passion is rooted in his experience working as Youth Worker in local Detention Center back in 2003. He was able to see himself inside the underserved fatherless males and knew exactly what they needed! Love, respect and compassion allowed Mr. Fish to break down barriers of distrust and misconstrued masculinity among the disenfranchised young males. Using this template, Mr. Fish was able to inspire hundreds of black and brown boys coming in and out of the system.

This divine opportunity, although brief, inspired Mr Fish to launch Young Fathers Standing United in 2010, Unlocking his God Given purpose and passion to serve young fathers. To date Quan’s non-profit has serviced more than 3000 fathers and counting. Quan effort’s has gaining him national attention, earning him numerous awards, grants and national fellowships! Did I mentioned that Quan accomplished all of this while still working a full-time?

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Board Members

  • Quanna Fish, Founder & President

  • Michael Morrell, Vice President

  • Reggie Knighton, Treasury

  • Kristina Walker, A.B.A, Secretary

  • John Smith Jr., Board Member- Education Coodinator

  • Atty. Jenny Allegeyer, Board Member

  • Terrance Harris, B.A., Board Member/ Education Coodinator

Our Goals

  • To Reduce the number of absentee fathers.

  • Teach and enhance parenting skills.

  • Re-establish traditional family values.

  • Establish a "Network of Fatherhood".

  • Increase knowledge of father's parental rights.

  • Decrease the amount of H.I.V cases among the youth, through education and awareness.

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